Cari, a costume design major, and Tiffany, a Business major, have been friends since their early teens and found their passion for belly dance together. Years later the stars aligned and in 2003 Anaya Tribal was born. Anaya Tribal performs their own signature style of Improvisational Tribal Fusion Bellydance (ITS) incorporating prop work into their dynamic performances such as swords, fire tray, tribal skirt and anything else they can get their hands on.  After years of cabaret training, Tiffany and Cari found tribal with Domba! Trained in tribal by Domba!, FatChance videos and influenced by Zafira and Jill Parker and all the wonderful dancers of the world, Anaya Tribal has been performing their unique blend incorporating both their cabaret and tribal backgrounds to create our take on Tribal Bellydance which we like to call “Anaya Style”.

A few years later we decided to start a small business and vend at a few local events. From there people loved our designs, prices and our company became a success! We had no idea it would grow into what it has become today. We are very humbled to have such amazing people supporting our brand and so thankful to everyone who shops with us. We do a lot of custom work, fittings on the spot and always do our best to make sure that our customers leave with a flattering look that suits them. We call it “Your Style, Tribal Style.” We try to carry a little bit of everything. It just depends what calls to you.

Anaya Tribal’s vision is to create quality, affordable dance wear. Most of our pieces are custom made & we always attempt to make things machine washable when possible. We take great pride in our work and we do our best to deliver quality to you. Each piece you find on our site is unique, handmade and inspired by a vision of Tiffany or Cari. We do import for some jewelry pieces and always try to use families in the Middle East or Fair Trade Artists as much as possible.

Voted “Arizona’s Favorite Tribal Artists 2011”
Voted “Arizona’s Favorite Vendor 2011”